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We will bring the right sound for your private party or business meeting. We provide speakers, tripod stands, wired microphones, wireless microphones, lapel microphones, & mixers. Our staff will arrive a few hours or a day before your event to set up and test everything in order to have a successful party or business meeting.


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We can bring a couple of 12″ powerful speakers to connect with your laptop or your iPod, this way we can achieve excellent sound without investing too much time or money. The speakers will be placed on a tripod floor stand so that the sound extends throughout the entire room. Just let us know how many guests you will have and we will recommend the type of equipment that is needed for a successful party. Of course ACD will bring all of the extension cords, adapters, etc. necessary for the set up.


We supply sound equipment for corporate parties of up to 1,000 people. Call us and let us provide you with an estimate where we will detail all the necessary equipment while offering you the best price.


We rent Lapel microphones and Shure hand held microphones, these may be connected to your sound equipment or we will bring the necessary speakers needed according to the number of attendees that will be at the meeting. We will take care of the delivery, set up and pick up.


Whether it is a large or small corporate meeting where multiple microphones and speakers are needed, ACD will provide the equipment and the technical assistance needed to install the equipment and assist personnel during the meeting if necessary.

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Jeff – Hollywood, Florida (May 2012) Big speakers for my computer “ACD staff was very helpful and helped us a lot during our last family party, I had all the music on my computer and I asked them to bring a few speakers and connect them to my laptop. They came a few hours before the party and organized everything, the speakers, the tripods, the necessary cables, etc. It really sounded great even without turning the volume up 100%.”

Louis – Fort Lauderdale, Florida (December 2011) “In the meeting room of a hotel here in Fort Lauderdale they were charging a very high price to rent a microphone and speakers for an annual sales meeting, then we called ACD and they gave us much more reasonable prices. Their guys brought the speakers needed and two wireless microphones, as well as a very helpful and friendly technical operator who helped us throughout the entire meeting. Everything went very well and at a quarter of the price that the hotel was asking for.”

Danielle – Miami, Florida (December 2011) “ACD staff helped us in all of the technological aspects of our annual company meeting; this is the third time we have contracted them. They provided us with the projector, screen, speakers, microphones and sound for the video. It really is a very important meeting and they make everything so easy, we are really grateful.”