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We rent big projection screens for groups up to 5.000 people 10′ x 15′ or a tripod 6′ x 6′ projection screen that is perfect for a group of 20 or 30 people. We do delivery set up and pick up, even on weekends or night hours.

Projection Screen Rental Miami contact US Miami (305) 386 7696


We have all types of projections screens from 6′ X 6′ up to a gigantic 9′ X 12′. All of them are coated with a reflective material that makes the image projected much brighter.


We can install our projection screen inside of the location (for day or evening events) or outside (night only) and both options will receive an excellent picture quality. It is necessary to warn that if the equipment will be outside there should be some darkness to provide a good quality of the projection. If the projection will be outside, it should only be used for events at night.


Our projector screens of 6′ X 6′ and 8′ X 8′ includes a height adjustable tripod for installation, this may be placed in the most suitable location. The 9′ X 12′ screens have adjustable legs so that the customer can place it wherever they want with the desired, most convenient height.


During the last twelve years we have been part of successful events from family reunions to big events such as concerts with up to 15,000 attendees.


We are a local company and we can make immediate deliveries of equipment to Miami or Broward.

Projection Screen Rentals


Sean (April 2014) Slide Projection “We had a family gathering last weekend and we had planned to display family photos taken in the 1970’s, we had the slides projector and ACD rented us the screen. Fortunately their price included delivery because I had so many things that needed to be done before the party which made it difficult for me to pick up the equipment at the last minute at their warehouse, nor would it have fit in my car.”
Steve (November 2013) “We had to rent a 8′ X 8′ screen from ACD for a presentation in a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, the lecturer brought his own projector and the guys at ACD sent over a young man with a screen, properly installed and helped us adjust our projector. Since the laptop was a mac, he had the appropriate cable and I told him “you saved our life” and he replied with “we always hear the same, since our customers can get nervous before a presentation. But that is why we always spare them the anguish and help with the installation. That way customers can worry about other details and we can take care of what we do best: AV rentals”
Jeff – Plantation, Florida (March 2013) “I am a DJ and I needed a projector and a projection screen to show musical videos for a party that I was hired for as a contractor. The guys from ACD gave me a very good price for the rental of that and very good service. They arrived on time and installed all the equipment in a professional and quick manner. My client was very happy and promised me more contracts.”

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