LED Screen rental Miami – LED displays for stands

LED Screen rental Miami – LED displays for stands

LED displays for stands that help attract attention at trade shows

Attracting the attention of the public in a stand, with the sophistication of the visual content, is a challenge in these times. It is useless to have chosen an excellent space at a fair, if later we fail to measure up to our exhibitor or we have no idea how to get the best out of our brand value with audiovisual solutions such as LED screens.

Nowadays, not only is it enough to be present, now you have to be able to tell a story. To do this, we have to rely on a team to help us design the stand and have the latest generation technological solutions, where LED screen for stands cannot be absent.

Fairs are not what they used to be, they have also changed a lot in the last two decades, but they are still a must in marketing and communication budgets. As the audiences have become more professional, the assistance is not as massive as before, despite the fact that it is still the best time to contact suppliers, distributors and expand the network of contacts.

To this we add that the competition continues to exist, so we cannot underestimate its power. Now, to achieve this task, what better way to achieve it than incorporating a complete audiovisual equipment with the help of experts.

What content to display on the LED screen displays for stands?

Thanks to the clarity offered by LED screens and their ability to “mold” to create image scenarios as we want, their strength lies in the content we broadcast. The uses and applications of LED screens can broadcast the following types of video:

  • Corporate videos: these are those videos that talk about our brand and show who we are, what our values ​​are, how the team of experts is formed, the most important milestones and even testimonials that explain their experience working with us.
  • Product videos: they can be launches, samples of our star products, the best range or collection …
  • Video news with subtitles: this type of video shows news related to our market, with subtitles so that those attending the event can read what is being broadcast.
  • Subtitled interviews: these are interviews where the protagonists are department heads, managers, clients.
  • Reports about the company: this type of report helps to provide confidence since it shows the day-to-day life of the company, the main economic activity, etc. They can be reports that compile several videos broadcast in different media.
  • Replicate our best social media content: another way to reflect our identity and corporate discourse can be a video as a replica with images, phrases, infographics, gifs, videos, tweets from social networks.
  • Static messages: if it is not possible to have other formats of graphic material, they can be of help to dress the stand. However, they are the most sedate.
  • Promotions: in addition to corporate videos, we can include specific discounts that we make for the event and that help us attract traffic to the stand.
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