Computer projector rental Miami

This projector is the most common used. It can be used for anything from a business presentations to family reunions. All you need is your computer and the file you would like to share such as pictures, videos, graphics, etc. and ACD Projector Rental Miami will do the rest. We will provide you with the correct projector based on the type of event and the number of guests you will be presenting to.

ACD Projector Rental Miami will also provide you with the proper projection screen and speakers or a complete sound system according to your needs. The price will include all the cables, adapters, extension cords, etc.

Computer projector rental for PC or MAC

Let us know the type computer you are going to use (PC or Mac), therefore ACD Projector Rental Miami will bring the correct cables and accessories. What you need to know, is that after your computer is connected to the projector, you can show anything you want. Anything you see on the screen of you laptop, will be projected on the big screen.

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Projectors DVD

 Projectors DVD Rentals We can connect these types of projectors with any DVD movie or DVD presentations. We supply the projector, screen, and speakers, you just need to bring the DVD disk. the image is perfect as if you are watching a Giant TV. ANY DVD MOVIE ON A GIANT SCREEN This is a fascinating […]

Tv Signal Projectors

SummaryArticle NameTv Signal ProjectorsDescriptionTv Signal Projector Miami. Connection to your cable box and projection of any program on the big screen. Put our projector screen.Author Tv Signal Projectors Renals Miami Publisher Name ACD Projector Rentals Miami Publisher Logo

Projection Screen Rentals Miami

SummaryService Type Projection Screen Rentals Provider Name Acd Rentals, 162 NE 25th St #616,25 Mirage,Miami-FL 33138, Telephone No.+13053867696 Area Miami DescriptionWe have projection screens rentals for groups up to 5.000 people 10′ x 15′ or a tripod 6′ x 6′ projection screen that is perfect for a group of 20 or 30 people. We do […]

Sound System

SummaryArticle NameSpeaker Rentals MiamiDescriptionSpeaker Rentals, Microphones Rentals: We can bring a couple of 12'' powerful speakers to connect with your laptop or your iPod, this way we can achieve excellent sound without investing too much time or money.Author ACD Projector Rentals Miami Publisher Name ACD Projector Rentals Miami Publisher Logo

Plasma TV

LCD or Plasma Monitors Rentals LCD or Plasma Monitors Rentals LCD or Plasma Monitors Rentals October Special Free Delivery Free Set up We rent LCD or Plasma monitors from 34″ to 60″ with floor or table stands. You can use them with your DVD, disc, or computer. No need to worry about cords or connections. [...]

Contact ACD Audio Visual Rentals Miami, Fort Lauderdale

 Contact Audio visual Rentals Miami Miami (305) 386 7696 Broward (954) 489 0101 Remember to count on us for the rental of projectors, computer projectors, Events and everything that requires a presentation on a giant screen. We have years of experience in the field, we are supported by the testimony of many clients throughout [...]

Computer Projector Rentals


Small Font in your Presentations

We recommend you limit the use of small fonts in your presentations, although our projectors have very good quality and resolution it still may be difficult for all your guests, especially the ones furthest from the screen, to be able to read the content. Try to limit long paragraphs in your presentations as it will be easier for people to read and understand..

Spread Sheet with too much Information

If it is necessary to include a spread sheet in your presentation with account numbers or statistics with small characters in one image, we recommend for you to create several larger or zoomed in sheets highlighting the different section so they are more visible to your guests, as well as your guests feel comfortable to read or take notes.

Green Tip

We suggest you do not print the presentation to give a copy to the attendees, as most of them probably will not take it with them. You could ask for all of the attendees to provide you with an email address, so you will be able to email them presentation and they could print if they find it necessary.


Debbie – Fort Lauderdale (July 6th, 20013) “I am very grateful for the guys from ACD, I called them three days before my event and the service was fantastic. They came to our office the previous day of the event and connected their projector to my laptop, making all the necessary adjustments for a perfect, clear image that could be seen even under the full light of the room. The next day all I had to do was press the power button on the projector and everything worked perfectly, I even received a word from my boss congratulating me.”

John – Miami (May 2014) “Last week we called ACD an hour prior to our sales report presentation to rent a computer projector, they brought it in and everything went well. My boss never found out that ACD saved us, since we had already ordered the equipment from a company in Chicago and when we called them letting them know that we never received it, they told us that it was the fault of the postal service since there was an issue with our address. We then called ACD, a local company in Miami and they resolved our issues quickly.”

Computer Projector Rentals Miami
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Computer Projector Rentals Miami
Computer Projector Rental Miami: This projector is the most common projector used. It can be used for anything from a business presentation
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